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Welcome to Jeff Rascov classes. The classes listed are for the Spring semester. Most classes are offered at West Valley College or Mission College. You can signed up for a class at http://www.westvalley.edu - Mission and West Valley use the same computer system.

See my Fall List of class on the http://www.digital-media.westvalley.edu

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Classes for Spring 2014

DM/IS*014C Dig Illustration: Illustrator

4 unit class

Online 01/25/2014-05/23/2014 This course focuses on using Illustrator to create digital illustrations and various kinds of graphics for visual communication. Emphasis is placed on acquiring technical skills and learning creative strategies for producing a variety of illustrations used in commercial media and online devices.


ISBN - 9780321841766

Great class - Learning To Draw on Computer


DM/IS 021M Mobile Sites/Apps Design and Development

4 unit class

online 01/25/2014-05/23/2014 This course focuses on creating wireless websites for phones and other wireless devises. Additional, current and emerging technologies are explored. This is a great class to learn the latest in web design for wireless technologies.

Implementing Responsive Design. ISBN 0-321-82168-8

and Mobile Usability - ISBN 0-321-88448-5


GDES 070 UX and Interface Design Course

Mission College

3 Units

Online 01/25/2014-05/23/2014 This is an introductory course focusing on developing creative design skills that are required to conceptualize and model an interactive experience. The course covers the basic principles of organizing information effectively and creating visually compelling interfaces.

New book - Interactive Design - publisher Rockport - ISBN 978-1-59253-780-8


32122 - Tuesday Evening

CIS 002 Intro to Computing - we offer 2 sections

4 Unit class

BU 3 01/25/2014-05/23/2014 This is a first course in computing, introducing students to the concepts and uses of computing applications in business and society. This is an information competency infused course. Pass/No Pass Option. Transfer: UC/CSU

Microsoft Office 2013 - ISBN 0-13-314267-1


Technology in Action - ISBN 0-13-305622-8

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