Exploring Digital Media with art, design, and education.

Jeff Rascov Portfolio and Services

Over the past 20 years I have been teaching, Learning, and Designing Digital Media projects. This page will highlight some of my accomplishments.

Teaching and Curriculum Development for College and Young People.

Specialize in college level and high school classes

  1. Write college level curriculum for 15 years
  2. Department Chair
  3. Grant writing and Management
  4. High School media classes. Teaching and curriculum development.
  5. Online class development.


Storytelling, Cinematography, Video Production and Animation.

For over 20 years writing, teaching, and shooting video products.

  1. Specialize in Film and Video teaching.
  2. Writing and story development.
  3. Shooting - Been cinematography of several Films.
  4. Product Development - DVD/HD and Online video delivery.

Online and Offline Media Productions.

Creating and teaching Graphic and Media design.

  1. Corporate Communication specialist.
  2. Graphic Design and Publishing Media.
  3. Web Page design and development.
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